Welcome to Donna, your site for professional sports nutrition coaching. Donna is a registered dietitian and competitive athlete who "walks her talk". Her philosophy of nutrition coaching embraces a holistic approach, with emphasis on natural foods as the foundation for a healthy diet.

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On-Line Nutrition Sports Performance Enhancement Plan

UNDERSTANDING what to eat is the first step in making food an asset to your training program. The second step is timing when to eat. The third step is the hardest: doing it.

Donna’s on-line sports nutrition coaching package can help you break through nutrition blocks that have been performance barriers. With her help, you can:

  • Reach your body composition goal
  • Learn cognitive and behavioral skills to shape up your training diet
  • Improve your diet to have more energy
  • Get that anti-bonk strategy down for optimal race results
  • Learn how to prepare quality meals that fit your lifestyle

Unlike other sports nutrition programs, Donna Marlor Nutrition offers an intensive, interactive, personalized on-line service from a qualified professional who has put nutrition research to the test in her own competitive racing life.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Contact Donna via email to set up a consultation appointment. She will return your email within 48 hours to set up a time to discuss your goals. (There is no charge for initial goal discussion and review of questionnaire.)

Step 2: With Donna, decide which of the coaching packages best fits your needs.

Let’s Get Started!

Package #1: $80

Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment & Diet Evaluation, which includes:

  • Nutritional Analysis of 2-day food & activity log (or send detailed narrative of your typical food intake and exercise)
  • Evaluation of nutrient composition with comparison to personal nutrient requirements
  • Recommendations for nutrient adjustment (foods and/or supplements). Free follow-up email for 1 month as needed.

Package #2 Get Ripped for competition : $60

Geared toward endurance athletes who tend to gain body fat in the off-season. Based on research done by James Hill, PhD. at the University of Colorado. This is an INTENSE diet maniupluation that needs to be paired with the exercise prescription outlined for at least one month. Class format is available by arrangement, limited to 10.  – 3 sessions on Tuesday or Thursday’s.

Package# 3 (Competition Day Nutrition Plan Consult): $45

If you have a specific event that you are competing in, and not sure how to maintain energy, hydration, or have specific problems with tolerance to fueling while exercising, then a one time consultation is recommended.

Package #4 (One Week Menu Plans): $175

A personalized menu plan, complete with shopping list, customized to fit your calorie needs, food preferences and lifestyle. Meal plans can be designed for off-season weight management, high volume/intensity pre-competition training, or a special outdoor adventure.

Other nutrition services for ultra-distance trips, therapeutic diets (example: post-bariatric, gluten-free) are available for a fee of $60.00/hour. Please contact Donna to set up a time to discuss particular needs via email.

For small group presentations/consults (coaches, clubs, camps, teams) are by arrangement. Fees vary with services provided. Please contact Donna by phone or email.