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TEAM NEWS: Peasley wins Rudyard Summerfest Triathlon

Marquette, MI – Marie Peasley of Marquette, MI, won the 2011 Rudyard Summerfest Triathlon on July 31.  In a reversed triathlon format, she finished the 5K run, 15 mile bike ride and 500 meter swim in 1:27:18, about a minute ahead of the second place finisher.  After a lack-luster run, Peasley came from behind on the bike and was the second woman into pool.  “I was dissapointed in my run performance,” Peasley said. “Surprisingly, my legs felt fresh when I got on to the bike.  I was able to pedal faster than I have at any race so far this year.”  As for nutrition, Peasley still relied on Clif Shot bloks and Pure Sport sports drink.  “I had to rethink my nutrition strategy, since the run was first and I usually fuel on the bike for the run.  I front-loaded with extra Shot bloks before the race, and made sure I had a good amount of Pure Sport when I got onto the bike.”  Next up for Marie is the Copperman Triathlon on August 6th.


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